• Pioneer (map)
  • 1110 Shelby Street
  • Indianapolis, IN, 46203
  • United States

***Featuring an all night video installation from the ocular obscurists known locally as the curators of the hakk.haus***

4.20 // 10:30pm
21+ // FREE 

10:30pm  ~  duchess & dilettante b2b

Obtuse : Offbeat Dance Nights at Pioneer are curated by in-house spin doctors d u c h e s s and dilettante, Obtuse occurs every other Thursday, sifting deep within the region's electronic music undercurrent to bring you dance nights of varying degrees of the avant and the auspicious, from footwork to grime to dub.

››››Duchess and Dilettante are members of OBTUSE, a music collective in Indianapolis aimed to recontextualize the idea of the dancefloor by delivering fresh auditory experiences and bringing every human body on the floor closer together.