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False Ragu VI

Feb 28
Pint Night at Pioneer

Guys! We figured it out! Shitty movies that we love, that’s what we’re doin right now! So get you hair in a pony, wax those mustachios and put on those knee highs cuz we are watching and talking about the 1974 classic dystopian shit show known as Zardoz, starring Sean Connery, and Charlotte Rampling. And a giant floating head named Zardoz that pukes out guns at red brief wearing ‘Brutals.’

Also Jacob Eaton is guest, singer, songwriter, musician. To play a song and discuss the finer nuances between an Australian and Kiwi accent, as well as play our new game, “What kind of Shark is it?”

Starring Nic and Porsha, Indianapolis power couple and founder of Cats for Syria.

Also musical direction by the blind maestro JB.

And corrections and redactions by mild mannered ‘Gelman’ Jawn Anderson.