• Pioneer (map)
  • 1110 Shelby Street
  • Indianapolis, IN, 46203
  • United States


False Ragu 8

April 25th

The perfect day.

Birthday wishes go out to Al Pacino, Renee Zellweger, Jay Park, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Ella Fitzgerald, and Kim Jong-kook!

The cold is receding, the sun will be shining. Put on your favorite light jacket and stroll down to Pioneer, won’t you?

And let Nic and Porsha get into a heated/possibly violent argument about where to go on vacation this year.

All the while blind humunculus JB drippity drops, and bangs on drums. Jawn, the guy with a clipboard has a panic attack on stage.

And that creepy Steph Hawking guy from the last show comes back to talk about world travel hints and tips.