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"When Cunningham and Stewart merged forces in 2014, it was an experiment in seeing how their voice and guitars would interact. This led them to finding beauty in what they call the “dichotomy of chaos and harmony.” It’s something they’ve demonstrated in their live performances around town, but now they’re sharing their musical experimentations with the masses as they prepare to release their self-titled debut EP, out November 13th via Foxhall Records."

VV Lightbody

V.V. Lightbody (Vivian McConnell of Homme) is playing music that is self-described as nap-rock. Dozing and comfortable songs that you could nap to, but even if you don't fall asleep, you would still feel rested enough to go about your day. She is currently recording her debut LP and has released a lush single, "Fish in Fives," with layered flutes and harmonies.