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False Ragu VII

False Ragu VII (roman numeral 7), Lucky Number Schleven - brought you by the good people at Hot Topic: with musical guest VV Torso!(Don Pardo voice)



(“False Ragu” is not an urban dictionary term for abortion. Not saying that we’d have any problem with that if it was.)

Have you ever thought, no one understands you, and they never could?

Have you ever wanted to shed this mortal coil and transcend to a deeper ring of pain and hopelessness that befits your tortured, black, pitiless soul?

Do you really like Nightmare Before Christmas, and wearing chokers and cat ears?

Then have I got some good news for you!

This months March madness is brought to you by Hot Topic, the 1 name in the buy 1 get 1 half off band shirt market worldwide.

Hot Topic’s Hot Topic’s only on False Ragu VII. We’re talkin, corporate corruption, Syria, Putin and the new Cold War, net gender neutrality, Fred Schneider, a ghost, salt cave therapy. Songs by number 1 stunner post punk Indy 4 piece VV Torso, as well as exclusive hard hitting interview/get to know the band! With your regular local live show ensemble: Nic, Porsh, Jawn, and JB.