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Borracho Caddies EP Release. w/ The TRees & Robin Goodfellow

Here to celebrate the latest EP culminating out of lo-fi surf group Borracho Caddies!


Backed by The Trees

& Robin Goodfellow


May 5






Borracho Caddies

While walking home during a half day at school singer and guitarist Adrian Gomez noticed two drunk caddies on a golf course staggering down the hill and yelling at each other, the image resonated with no worries and a sign of success. Many years later the band Borracho Caddies emerged (borracho is Spanish for belligerent drunk).Moving to Indianapolis post college, Adrian formed the group with his close friends Jordan Willocks on drums and Ryan Webster on bass.


The Trees

"The Trees" are a four-piece rock band originating from Dan Stempky (Primary Rhythm Guitarist) and Riley Castellano (Primary Lead Guitarist). They soon added drummer Luke Farrow and bassist Will Bright. The Trees thrive on creating eclectic, imaginative rock songs that engage multiple styles of music and they most frequently perform around their hometowns in Central Indiana.


Robin Goodfellow

Killed Hamnet according to Neil Gaiman. Has a penchant for love dust.