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Faith healer at Pioneer

  • Pioneer 1110 Shelby Street Indianapolis, IN, 46203 United States (map)

80s-stylings outta Edmonton

w/ Elle Barbara's Black Space (J. Ellise Barbara)


April 7th
$5 pre / $7 show



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Faith Healer

When Edmonton’s Jessica Jalbert first began performing solo under the name Faith Healer, the alias was her way of avoiding being pigeon holed as a singer-songwriter. Now, however, times have changed : Faith Healer has turned into a band, with singer-guitarist Jalbert joined by drummer/multi-instrumentalist Renny Wilson. Their first LP as a duo is called Try;-). Balancing melancholic lyrics with playful moods, lush melodies with straight forward arrangements, Try;-) is the sound of an introspective loner leaving her bedroom to make a rock record with her best bud. It’s what happens when you stop taking life as it comes and instead throw all of your effort into making time-less pop songs. Forget what the bullies told you in middle school—there’s nothing cooler than trying hard. The intensive creative process inspired the title of Try;-) and serves as a reminder that sometimes you need to grab life by the horns rather than waiting

for inspiration to strike. As for that winky face : “I always use that wink emoticon,” Jalbert says with a laugh. “I think it’s hilarious. I think it’s cheeky and fun, which is something

I was trying to access a little more with this record.”



Elle Barbara's Black Space

Elle Barbara is a Montreal-based artist and singer. Rising from artist-run spaces at the turn of the current decade, their recent efforts are centered around transgender community organizing. With a group called the Black Space and a lineup made of musicians of Sub-Saharan descent, Elle Barbara aims to recenter contemporary blackness via the rejection of racialized tropes.