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The Yawpers w/ Cairo Jag
8:00 PM20:00

The Yawpers w/ Cairo Jag

Punk, blues, country, and self-loathing out of Denver, CO

Sep 13
8pm Doors
$8 pre / $10 dos

w/ Cairo Jag

The Yawpers (Denver, CO)
~ on Bloodshot Records ~
The Yawpers’ third album Boy in a Well is a sensational tragedy set in World War I France about a mother abandoning her unwanted newborn child. But, like the band itself, there’s so much more roiling beneath the surface.

"Think MC5 with better vocals. Think of most bands and add better lyrics, ferocious howls and chants, and yes, Whitmanesque, barbaric yawps sounding from the stage…pure rock and roll, the way the White Stripes were."
— St Louis Magazine

Cairo Jag
Rip roaring rock n roll (Indianapolis)

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